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How to Fit your Hidden Crown®

Re-wiring your Hidden Crown Hair Extensions®

How To Properly Put On Your Halo-Shaped Extensions

Color Matching – Hidden Crown®

How to Exchange Your Hidden Crown®

Introducing Hidden Crown Clip Ins™

How to Apply Hidden Crown Clip Ins™

Difference Between DayDream & Hidden Crown Extensions

Comparing Hidden Crown to Hidden Crown Layers

Hidden Crown Products

Comparing Hidden Crown® with other Brands

Crown Topper by Hidden Crown®

Color Range of Hidden Crown® Hair Extensions


The Difference Between Rooted &
Non-Rooted – Hidden Crown®

How To Put On A Hidden Crown
Topper® – Hidden Crown®

How to Create A Part In Your
Crown Topper® – Hidden Crown®

How To Hide The
Wire – Hidden Crown®

Hair 101

Curling Crown on Your Head

Hidden Crown® Facts

How to Put on the Crown Jewels – Hidden Crown®

Using your Hidden Crown® with Short Hair ft. Aubrey Kinch

Common Wire Challenges – Hidden Crown®

How long does your Crown last? – Hidden Crown®

FAQ: How does Hidden Crown® stay in place?

Does thin hair blend with my extensions? – Hidden Crown®

Does the Wire Break Easily? – Hidden Crown®

FAQ: Should my Crown be Moving? – Hidden Crown®

Before and after

Susanne Putting On Her
Crown Topper® – Hidden Crown®

Blonde to Brunette In Under A Minute!!! Using the Hidden Crown® & Crown Topper®!

The Alternate Way to Put A
Hidden Crown® On with Callie

Alex Puts on a Crown without a Mirror!

Mariah Before & After – Hidden Crown Hair Extensions®

Featured Bloggers & Testimonials

Amber Scholl “♛ THE BEST HAIR EXTENSIONS EVER ♛” – Hidden Crown®

Erin Elizabeth Hidden Crown® Hair Review

Tiffany Testimonial – Hidden Crown®

Natalie Jensen Hidden Crown® Hair Review

Shay Danielle Testimonial – Hidden Crown®

Using your Hidden Crown® with Short Hair ft. Aubrey Kinch

Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorial ft. Aubrey Kinch – Hidden Crown®

Hair Extensions Care

Fall Morning Routine

Braided Crown Tutorial ft. Baylee Cheyann – Hidden Crown®

Fishtail Crown Braid

Natalie Jensen’s Hidden Crown® Testimonial – Stacking

Hidden Crown® | Hair Extensions

Kelli Berglund Testimonial – Hidden Crown®

Amber Nicole Miller Testimonial – Hidden Crown®

Hidden Crown® Hair Review

Melissa’s Testimonial – Hidden Crown®

Yosi’s 360 & Testimonial – Hidden Crown®
Visit Our YouTube Channel for More Videos on Styles, Tutorials, Tips & More
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